About AWEIK _____
awakening women's potential in oil, gas & mining


Awakening women’s potential in oil, gas and mining


To provide women with opportunities for equitable professional and economic development within Kenya’s extractives industry.


To open up business opportunities through leadership, professional development opportunities, and knowledge transfer for Kenyan women in the extractives value chain in Kenya, the region and globally.

Our core values

  1. Care for the Future
  2. Orientation for quality
  3. Desire for higher standards of growth and development
  4. Inspired to lead
  5. Integrity
  6. Sisterhood: empathy, care and mutual support for each other
_____ Goals
  1. Promote and assist the participation of, and benefit by, women in the extractives value-chain in Kenya;
  2. Highlight and address socio-economic challenges that confront women in the extractives sector including by supporting women’s organizing, movement-building and solidarity; and
  3. Lobby and advocate for women participation and empowerment in the extractives sector, in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010, towards short and long term reforms and structural, legal, institutional and policy changes.
Strategic Priorities
  1. Organizational Development (Branding, Sustainability)
  2. Member Capacity Development
  3. Advocacy & Lobbying
  4. Business Development Services

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